There are many reasons for live screen printing, but one that is rarely thought of is live screen printing for conventions. Most people think of business conventions as boring and dreary, where one always has to wear a suit. However, this is part of the reason why you should get live screen printing when planning for one; to get away from this stigmatization. Today, there are many ways of easily and affordably getting live screen printing for any occasion. All you have to do is contact a reputable company, who will show up on the agreed date with their gear and print the t shirts. If you want to, you can also opt to have the t shirts printed beforehand so that they are ready by the time they are ready to be used. Some of the common tips you need to consider when using live screen printing for conventions include:

Do a Test Run

Once you have found an ideal live screen printer, you should do a test run with them in the scenarios you will be expecting to have during the convention. Some of these include having a large number of people requesting for t shirts at the same time, running out of supplies and crashing the machine. Having any of these problems is not bad; you should be watching for how they handle pressure and how they prepare for some common mishaps such as running out of material. This should give you the confidence that you have chosen a live screen printer who will be able to hold their own with ease if they can withstand pressure. If they cannot, it may be a good idea to find another firm. The test run will also give you an idea of how much quality to expect out of the printers.

Consider the Cost Carefully

Just like in any other deal, take your time to read the fine print when choosing a live screen printer. They should be able to justify their costs effectively, and this cost should make sense to you. The fact that screen printers print on a small-scale and custom basis means that they may be a bit more expensive compared to t shirts bought from a commercial firm. However, remember that you are paying for a premium service that should have some prestige. The quality of the materials used is a major factor in determining this, so you should take it into account when finding out how much the whole project is going to cost you. This can also give you some room to negotiate, such as by choosing slightly lower material garment quality.

Be On the Same Page About Technical Aspects

You and your printer should be on the same page regarding the technical aspects of printing including the average number of t shirts needed, the quality of the t shirts and the nature of the design. This should be clear to both of you and should be clear in writing as well. If anything goes wrong, such a document can be used to prove you right.

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