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As the originator of the global phenomenon, Live Screen Printing, Hit+Run is proud to offer live screen printing services in Los Angeles. We have appeared at numerous events worldwide, creating a focal point of interest and excitement. If you are looking to include a unique, attention-grabbing activity as part of your personal or business event, Hit+Run is honored to be part of your special occasion. Since 2005, we have printed thousands of pieces of exclusive wearable art.

Industries We Serve in Los Angeles

Hit+Run serves a wide array of industries, helping your business ramp up its marketing efforts. When we carry out our live screen printing services at your event, we increase the exposure of your brand by a great percentage so you get to gobble up leads for qualified buyers.

  • Event Planners

Regardless of the nature of the event that you are planning for, be it personal or corporate, Hit+Run provides you with an opportunity to attract attention and increase interest. You will get the chance to help your clients get more sales opportunities through a unique live screen printing experience.

  • Marketing Agencies

By providing your event attendees with a platform to create their own unique wearable art pieces, you can improve your marketing to expose your branding. Attendees will be intrigued by your booth through the availability of a service to create their own swag pieces. All wearable art pieces will be given to your event attendees as a souvenir with your unique brand graphic imprinted.

  • Small Businesses

Get more sales opportunities for your small business through our live screen printing services at Hit+Run. Your event will be unique in comparison to other booths at your event, thus grabbing the attention of potential customers. Our main aim is to enhance consumer engagement which is highly crucial for small businesses that are relatively new to the market.

Live Screen Printing Experience in Los Angeles

Hit+Run provides on-site live screen printing services for any type of event. We have been in the business for decades, offering business owners an opportunity to increase brand exposure and attract potential clients. At Hit+Run, it is all about creating a fun and engaging environment at your booth so your business will always be the center of attention throughout the event duration. Apart from projecting your brand as a fun entity, we also help market your business with unique art that will be imprinted onto each piece of wearable art that your event attendees bring home with them. Whenever they put on the souvenir they got from your event, they will remember your brand name.

Why Choose Hit+Run in Los Angeles?

Hit+Run has been in the business since 2005, delivering you extensive experience and first-rate quality in every single one of our live screen printing activations. We have helped various businesses including top brands in creating a unique activity for their customers during their special events, to promote their business and retain customers. By combining the century-old technique of live screen printing with fun and art, sales opportunities are bound to spike.

If you have any questions about our live screen printing for events in Los Angeles, feel free to contact us today.

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