There is usually some form of event going on, regardless of the season. Thanks to our experience-focused lifestyles, there is always an event to go to, from beer festivals in January to holidary markets in December. What does this imply for your company’s image? It refers to a chance for advertising during open events and festivals. You will see throngs of people gathered around the beer tents, lining up at the gate, and jamming to their favorite artists at any given music festival.

The presence of sizable crowds of festival-goers gathered around brand activations at festivals is one thing you might not anticipate. These activations, which can be found all throughout the festival grounds, are areas where brands attempt to blend themselves into the occasion itself. Experience-based advertising is used in this case. As they welcome celebrity guests, organize competitions, and provide giveaways, you will notice marketers handing out free samples and mementos.

Not Always Cool to Go Old School

The audience for festivals no longer prefers product-focused advertising. Ben Richardson, a co-founder of the emergent technology conference Future Assembly, said, “No pitching of products is permitted when people get to talk at Future Assembly. They have 25 minutes to inspire the audience with an idea that is unique to their profession and that is it. Not at all like a sales show. At the gathering, no one is permitted to sell their goods and the focus is entirely on networking.”

Look for events that fit your target customer profile to ensure that your user-generated material is replete with praise and messaging for your company. The total festival experience must be carefully curated for maximum enjoyment, just as products are chosen to be displayed in stores or online to encourage conversion. Everything needs to be completely curated for quality and everyone has to be able to communicate the value that their product or company brings to society in a way that a 12-year-old would be able to understand.

Experience Marketing

The crucial query on any marketer’s mind is wondering the finest experience that they can provide for people and this is especially important at festivals.
Businesses are continuously searching for new information to make sure they do not fall behind. People need to keep up with trends, changes in technology, and what their audience is most interested in because what was true yesterday might not be true today. You must test everything and challenge your techniques and plans.

Leading to Engagement Marketing

At festivals, guests engage with sponsors by snapping branded images and posting them to social media, trying products, completing surveys, and signing up for mailing lists.
All of it is evidence of the brilliance of experience marketing, also known as engagement marketing. Engagement marketing seeks to establish a two-way interaction between the brand and the consumer by getting them to interact in the real world as opposed to a one-way, passive relationship. The most common way to accomplish it is through so-called brand activations, which are aimed at helping your business boost its exposure.

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