Topshop, the British multinational fashion retailer with over 500 shops globally, invited HIT+RUN to screenprint live at the Grand Opening parties for new stores in Los Angeles, San Diego, Houston & Amsterdam. Guests were treated to food, drinks, entertainment, as well as custom screenprinted t-shirts with graphics not available in stores.

Topshop is also a major sponsor the annual three-day “Pitchfork Festival” taking place each Summer in Chicago. With over 60,000 attendees across the weekend, attendees formed giant lines to wait for one of the over 5,000 custom t-shirts, tank tops and tote bags HIT+RUN screenprinted, featuring exclusive music-themed art.

Pitchfork restricts the amount of gifting, signage & corporate branding at their festival, and encourages alternative activations. Each year Topshop (along with Out Cold Marketing) creates an distinct open air environment, with small unobtrusive umbrellas and stunning vintage autos side by side to the clean & compact HIT+RUN live screenprinting.

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