Target was presenting sponsor for the 2015 debut of “Shaun White’s AIR+STYLE” a two day festival featuring music, art & snowboarding. With over 40,000 people in attendance over the weekend HIT+RUN was tasked with screenprinting over 12,000qty custom t-shirts.

Utilizing four printers at once, HIT+RUN was able to print over 600qty shirts per hour for 10-hours straight over the 2-day festival. Each of the shirts were pre-printed with small Target & Shaun White logos on the sleeve. Each of the graphics were sneak peeks at official Shaun White designs to be released later that summer through a special collaboration with Target.

Unexpectedly on the second day it began to rain, forcing many of the vendors and attractions to close…but not HIT+RUN. Positioned under a large tent, the Crew kept screenprinting live throughout the rain, and the kids kept lining up!

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