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Screen printing was traditionally done in an industrial facility and kept out of sight of the public. HIT+RUN began our objective of bringing screen printing to the public’s attention in 2005 by staging events in Los Angeles. These days, many event planners, marketing agencies, and companies now work with us to provide guests at their product launches the opportunity to participate in the live screen printing process, resulting in one-of-a-kind pieces of wearable art.

About Product Launches

A product launch is a company’s planned and coordinated attempt to introduce a new product to the market and make it widely available for purchase. A product launch serves various functions for a company, one of which is to provide customers the opportunity to purchase a new product. It also aids a business in creating anticipation for the product, gathering useful input from early consumers, and gaining momentum and industry awareness. Businesses must carefully plan their product releases long in advance of the anticipated launch date. This is due to the fact that a successful product launch necessitates the collaborative efforts of numerous teams and departments across the firm, including not just product management and development, but also marketing, public relations, customer support, sales, finance, and so on.

Organizers of a product launch should think about interesting and memorable ways to engage their guests. A souvenir from a live screen printing session is a perfect way to make this happen.

Live Screen Printing for Product Launches

We customize our live screen-printing services to meet your individual branding needs. Regardless matter how huge or small your product launch is, we will be able to handle and prove outcomes. The following live screen-printing services are available from us:
• Design – We offer free professional design services based on the theme of the product launch.
• T-shirts – The modern-day canvas, and ours have become pieces of art in their own right. Other apparel or items may also be printed on.

Benefits of Live Screen Printing for Product Launches

Here are some benefits of having live screen printing by HIT+RUN at product launches:
• Memorability – Throughout the year, guests will wear their one-of-a-kind masterpieces of art, reminding them of the fun experience at your product launch.
• Experience – Because of our revolutionary technology and skills, we are versatile and ready for any product launch.
• Engagement – The hands-on experience will engage your guests and create a stronger emotional connection with your product launch.

Why Should Product Launches Work with HIT+RUN?

Many event planners, marketing agencies, and businesses have placed their faith in us by collaborating with us to provide live screen printing services at product launches. When it comes to serving our clients, we are constantly communicative and proactive. We are passionate about what we do, which is why we make wonderful partners. From the pre-event meeting to the post-event follow-up, you can expect nothing less than outstanding service when you work with us.

If you have any questions about the products and services of HIT+RUN, feel free to contact us or call us at (877) 689-4271 today.

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