Event activation is a marketing initiative designed to promote a given event and deliver optimal results. It is a modern, revolutionary, and effective event promotion and marketing strategy. The strategy stands out for its long-lasting impression on eventgoers. There are numerous ways to execute an event activation strategy, including live screen printing.

Unique Screen Printing

Unlike the traditional printing process that uses automatic machines, screen printing is done by hand on-site. Eventgoers get to witness the printing process unfold right before their eyes. That explains how the live screen-printing name came to be. This form of printing has a more personalized touch to it.
The printing method is utilized in brand activation, where T-shirts and other merchandise are designed and printed instantly to promote a particular event or brand. It is a fun and interesting strategy that has proven practical in engaging audiences. Other than that, live screen printing is a straightforward concept that will take your brand activation strategy to the next level.
Let us look at five reasons you must embrace live screen printing in your brand activation strategy:
1. Sufficient in Creating Brand Awareness
Live screen printing has proven sufficient in creating brand or event awareness. It is a superb and practical way to create a buzz or perception about your company or event to potential customers or target audiences. It is a strategy that you should embrace to push your brand while conducting a function or event related to your business.
Attendees will wear screen-printed t-shirts and other merchandise with information about your brand. More people will get to see and pay attention to your company logo and information and help you attract a bigger customer or client base in the long run.
2. Encourages Participation
Another excellent attribute of screen printing is that it encourages public participation. It is an open process that welcomes people’s ideas and inputs in printing. Participants get to choose their designs and engage their creative bones. That makes live screen printing more engaging and interactive, thus attracting more folks.
3. It Inspires Creativity
As mentioned before, live screen printing allows people to be part of the design and creation of merchandise. It will enable anyone to have a first-hand encounter with how printing is done. Event attendees also get an opportunity to participate in the creative process and develop their stuff.
Therefore, more people are drawn to events with live screen printing leading to efficient brand awareness. It encourages participation which results in more satisfaction. The color vibrancy and hands-on approach of live screen printing spark curiosity and grab the attention of many eventgoers.
4. More Versatility
The printing method happens to be very flexible and versatile. With screen printing, you can decorate various surfaces, including metal, glass, wood, and fabric. Additionally, there is no limitation to the number of colors that can be utilized in screen printing. That means that it can cover numerous merchandise and impress more folks.
5. Cost Effective
The initial cost of setting up the live screen-printing equipment is the only significant expense that will be incurred. After that, everything else will be quick and straightforward. You can print a large volume of items in a short time. That makes it one of the most inexpensive publicity strategies of all time.

Live Screen Printing Is Worth Your Time

You should no longer have second thoughts about using live screen printing in your brand activation strategy. It is affordable, fast, and efficient. Besides that, it encourages participation, which helps reach a large audience.

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